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The video below features 2009 CNN Hero Doc Hendley at a water filter facility in Haiti. The need for clean water continues to be great, as does Filterpure Filters’ need for your support. Please view and pass along to your network.

Thank you Danika Wukich for keeping us informed.

Hel provide microscopes for community centers in the colonias of Texas.
People can vote everyday in August, all you need is to sign up on Pepsi with your email, name and birthday.  Pepsi DOES NOT send any junk mail.

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new partner to our project: Mud Creek Pottery in Calvert, TX, under the direction of owner M. L. “Sonny” Moss.

Mud Creek Pottery (Calvert, TX)

Sonny is firing a batch of filters for us this week. (Oscar Muñoz will take one of the filters with him on a trip to Bolivia later in the week. We will keep you posted on his trip.) Sonny is a key member of the arts community in Calvert and the surrounding area. We are talking about collaborating with Mud Creek Pottery for a water filter public pedagogy demonstration and workshop sometime in Fall 2010.

Welcome Sonny and Mud Creek Pottery!

A batch of filters in the electric kiln.

Oscar, Sonny and Steve.

March 13th through 21st is our Spring Break and this year we have an opportunity to use the filter making experiences developed within our group to really make a difference for one of our sister organizations (FilterPure) operating out of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.   Lisa Ballantine, who founded and leads FilterPure, has asked for our hands. We contacted and let her know that we would be willing to send a group down to help staff the filter facilities in the Dominican Republic. They have already dramatically increased the number of filters they are producing in response to the earth quake in Haiti and need more trained hands.

Check back for more details as they develop.

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