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The video below features 2009 CNN Hero Doc Hendley at a water filter facility in Haiti. The need for clean water continues to be great, as does Filterpure Filters’ need for your support. Please view and pass along to your network.

Thank you Danika Wukich for keeping us informed.

Our very own project consultant Richard Wukich (Slippery Rock University) was interviewed by CNN during his most recent trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A brief story aired on CNN a few days ago. Although the story incorrectly links him with Potters for Peace his trip was part of a partnership with FilterPure in the Dominican Republic and an initiative to establish a ceramic water filter production facility in Haiti. You can watch the video here:

Here is the description that accompanies the video:

Dr Richard Wukich of Slippery Rock University creates Ceramic Water Filters to save lives. This is a CNN Anderson Cooper story about DR Wukich’s trip to Haiti, Potters For Peace and how he teaches residents of countries with poor drinking water how to make their own water filters…….. The January 12 earthquake in Haiti damaged the already weak infrastructure on the island nation. As a result, thousands of Haitian families were left homeless and forced into tent encampments, without reliable access to food, clean water or sanitation.

In response to the disaster, Dr. Richard Wukich is in Haiti with a simple mission: to bring clean water to Haitians in need. Working with Potters For Peace, an international nonprofit that makes clay water filters, Wukich is distributing these useful clay pots to Haitian families. The pots are inexpensive to make and each pot can purify 2.5 liters of water each hour.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports.

By Oscar Munoz & Michelle Badash

Texas & Massachusetts

Most of us don’t give too much thought to the availability of clean water – turn on any faucet, and it’s there. We may realize that there are places in the developing world where clean water is not easily accessible – but many people would be surprised to learn that certain communities right here in the United States have no clean water at their disposal.

Faculty at the Texas A & M University (TAMU) have created a unique program that combines the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of potters, engineers, housing experts and medical staff to provide access to clean water to The Colonias, a group of 2000 communities spread across a 1,434 mile section along the Texas border next to the Rio Grande River. More than half a million people living in The Colonias have no running water or sewage system in their homes.

A photo slideshow/video about the TAMU Water Project created by Michelle Badash.

Michelle Badash has been developing award-winning print and Web-based health content for non-profits, academia and the private sector for more than 15 years. She currently works as the Managing Editor of an academic international nutrition journal, and is also a freelance consultant specializing in global health and photography projects. Michelle is a volunteer editor of this year’s Health Literacy Month storytelling project. You can contact her directly at

To read the complete story  click on the link below.

Who gets to make decisions about water?

FLOW (For Love Of Water) is a new film that has already won several awards. View the trailer for the film at

Water is the sleeping giant issue of the 21st Century and we all need to wake up about it.  FLOW opens our eyes about the greatest threat  of our time – the global water crisis.  It is a compelling and passionate film. Its engaging narrative will grip the viewer.
Robert Redford

FLOW exposes the efforts of a few rapacious corporations to exploit the world’s water for their own profit. It illuminates the responsibility we who consume that water at $9 a gallon bare for the devastation that ensues. It is a clarion call to action to all those who care about the future we leave our children, to oppose and end this usurpation of our planet’s life blood. It is brilliant and not to be missed.”
James Cromwell

Irena Salina’s award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century – The World Water Crisis.

Take a look at their “About Water” page which lists some important information and statistics about the global water situation:

Here is a link to view a story that aired on CNN on July 1. Ron Rivera from Potters for Peace shared it with us. The story shows the clay/sawdust/colloidal silver filter used in Guatemala. While the story clearly describes the technology and the advantages of using these filters around the world, the reporter fails to mention the work of Potters for Peace or other projects (like TAMU Water Project) who are also using the technology. The story makes it seem as if this group is the only one doing this work. Further, the reporter suggests that the director of the project in Guatemala “discovered” the filters. Such language echoes colonization and “saviors” at work. Nevertheless, the video helps to spread the word about this affordable technology and may aid in helping more people gain access to potable water.

This video features our very own Manny Hernandez, Professor of Art at Northern Illinois University, talking about the water filter. The video was taken during a  filter demonstration during the Batavia, Illinois Green Art Walk in April 2008.  Manny commented, “I wasn’t prepared for it, so everything I said was off the cuff.” The video is just under six minutes in length and offers a good overview of the ceramic water filter technology. You can see water dripping from the filter and at one point, Manny drinks some of the filtered water–water that came from a local river.

THE GREEN. This part of the Sundance Channel‘s www site is all about eco- and green living and being in the world. There are amazing videos, films, and other sources of information to be found. THE GREEN is a television series, but on the www it is so much more. Here, you can “Watch clips about the latest green innovators and artists on Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN.” Take a look.

The Good Fight.

Also worth checking out is Simran Sethi’s series called THE GOOD FIGHT. “What, in your life, is worth fighting for? THE GOOD FIGHT is a new web series from Sundance Channel that looks at the places where environmentalism is a necessity, not a luxury.” This is an inspirational site.

A quick search on YouTube for “Ceramic Water Filters” turns up many hits. Here are a few that might be of interest. The techniques for creating ceramic water filters are similar in that all of these examples use some form of a hydraulic or mechanical press. The press we use with the TAMU Water Project is related to this technology.

• UNICEF: Ceramic filters improve water quality in Myanma

• Ceramic Water Filter. This one is essentially a television commercial for a ceramic water filter.

• Rescue Task Force. Our friend and partner, Manny Hernandez, was part of this delegation and you can see him in one of the still images if you look carefully.

Watch this brief video documentary on You Tube about health issues related to consuming contaminated water. This is a powerful, personal video. It shares the experiences of a woman and her life as a result of poisoned water in Tucson, Arizona.

Here are three video clips posted on the Comedy Central website from the television show, The Colbert Report. Although meant to be spoofs of public service announcements and, of course, news and talkshow segments about current issues, these clips contain social commentary about the way water is used and viewed in the U.S. if not around the world.

Aqua Colbert Commericial

World Water Day
Water Is Life

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