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Our very own project consultant Richard Wukich (Slippery Rock University) was interviewed by CNN during his most recent trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A brief story aired on CNN a few days ago. Although the story incorrectly links him with Potters for Peace his trip was part of a partnership with FilterPure in the Dominican Republic and an initiative to establish a ceramic water filter production facility in Haiti. You can watch the video here:

Here is the description that accompanies the video:

Dr Richard Wukich of Slippery Rock University creates Ceramic Water Filters to save lives. This is a CNN Anderson Cooper story about DR Wukich’s trip to Haiti, Potters For Peace and how he teaches residents of countries with poor drinking water how to make their own water filters…….. The January 12 earthquake in Haiti damaged the already weak infrastructure on the island nation. As a result, thousands of Haitian families were left homeless and forced into tent encampments, without reliable access to food, clean water or sanitation.

In response to the disaster, Dr. Richard Wukich is in Haiti with a simple mission: to bring clean water to Haitians in need. Working with Potters For Peace, an international nonprofit that makes clay water filters, Wukich is distributing these useful clay pots to Haitian families. The pots are inexpensive to make and each pot can purify 2.5 liters of water each hour.
CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports.

March 13th through 21st is our Spring Break and this year we have an opportunity to use the filter making experiences developed within our group to really make a difference for one of our sister organizations (FilterPure) operating out of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.   Lisa Ballantine, who founded and leads FilterPure, has asked for our hands. We contacted and let her know that we would be willing to send a group down to help staff the filter facilities in the Dominican Republic. They have already dramatically increased the number of filters they are producing in response to the earth quake in Haiti and need more trained hands.

Check back for more details as they develop.

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