I do not know when or how I found this story. It reminds me in some ways of how Dick Wukich and Manny Hernandez have traveled to other countries–including Iraq–to help people who need clean drinking water.

“Both the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers run through the heart of Iraq. Rather, the challenge is water treatment. Someone with civil engineering experience is invaluable in helping fix this sort of problem. The Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s senior reservist, Lt. Col. Joseph J. Fraundorfer, has such expertise so water treatment became the focus of his recent deployment. As deputy chief of Water Sector for the Gulf Region Division in Iraq, he worked alongside Air Force, civilian and Iraqi civil engineers in a construction crew whose effort has led to positive changes in the lives of the Iraqis.

“Most of our work in reconstruction took us into Baghdad to work with the various Iraqi government ministries and to job sites throughout the city,” said the Altoona, Pennsylvania native.

In addition to potable water projects, Fraundorfer and his team worked on improving dams and irrigation capabilities to boost the country’s agricultural output as well.”