In 2002, artist Brian Collier created an interdisciplinary, complex intstallation entitled Some Properties of Water. The work is “a multi-phased project centered on the different ways in which we perceive water.” On his website, Collier describes the work as having three phases:

Phase 1, Collection and Documentation
For this phase 81 separate samples of water were collected and placed into hand-made plexiglass test tubes. The sample sites were documented with photographs, maps, and journal entries. Once all the samples were collected the documentation was turned into 3″ x 3″ booklets and hung on a wood and monofilament line display rack. The collection boxes holding the water samples were also displayed.

Phase 2, Evaporation
In this phase the collected water samples were poured into glass-bottomed trays and left to evaporate into the exhibition space. The installation consisted of eighty-one 3″ x 9″ framed archival digital prints, eighty one 3″ x 3″ glass-bottomed wood trays on a custom-made wood table, three wooden collection boxes containing eighty-one Plexiglas test tubes, and eighty-one water samples.

Phase 3, Residue
The final phase of the project looks at the residue left in the glass bottomed traysfrom the evaporated water samples.

We have used this work by Collier as inspiration for one of the projects in our own interdisciplinary curriculum.